Friday, February 25, 2011

Superhero Party

Calling all superfriends.

My fella turns five at the end of March. It’s been difficult to button down a party theme (dinosaurs! racing! reptilia!) but in the end the Superhero won out. Usually we do parties at home and I spend two weeks leading up to the day giddy with enthusiasm and two days post-party fishing hot dogs out from under the couch and sipping Eno. As much as I love homespun parties, I believe that a birthday party should reflect the birthday kid and I knew that musical chairs and a puppet show wouldn't rock this kid's world. So the party is at a local indoor playground where he can run around like a goofball and enjoy unrestricted access to Cheezies. Despite the location, or maybe in spite of it, I see no reason to not have a themed party and I am determined to give this bash a few homemade touches.

Here’s my inspiration board:

Superhero Party Invitation at honeybunch
Bif! Pow! at Craftpad
Mask Template free printable from Ambrosia Girl
Superhero Party Sticker at honeybunch
Robin Poster at Design Modo
Superhero Cupcake Picks at Dash is Little
Superhero Capes project from Cookie Magazine

Decisions, decisions. I will attempt to strike a balance between my crafting instincts do to it up right and the reality that much of the effort will be lost on five-year olds who really only care about the jumpy castle, presents and the free-for-all Cheezies. Stay tuned.