Monday, February 28, 2011


Did you watch last night?

I did - the whole shebang - and as a result I am nursing a mild Oscar hangover today. Ever since I made peace with the fact that I really do need nine full hours of sleep, I retire at the embarrassing hour of 10:00.  Staying up until midnight (because of a Post-Oscar snack of Nutella on Graham crackers that I regret doubly now that I see it in print) has knocked my circadian rhythm off its axis and I am not quite myself today. I know this not because I admitted to eating Nutella at ten to midnight, but because I find myself overcome with a need to understand Twitter. The thing that I mocked, then dismissed and then ignored is suddenly consuming my thoughts. Do I need Twitter in my life? Am I missing out? In the same way that my mother denied the existence of email until two years ago, preferring instead to call her daughters daily, I wonder if I am letting technology pass me by. To be fair to Twitter I never took the time to really understand it before categorically writing it off in a huff. I'm not sure - no where near sure - that it's something I will find relevant or fun or profitable or useful to my business or whatever other riches it's supposed to bear, but I think I am going to take a little peek. Just a little one. If my 68-year old mom can learn to Yahoo (and love it) then maybe I can learn to Twitter. I promise, however, that I will never say Tweet.