Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mom Inc. in today's Toronto Star

But what I really mean to say is my kids are in the paper! Check it out: the business section of today's Star has a lengthy feature on Mom Inc., the book and mom inc., the phenomenon. Vanessa Lu, a business reporter from The Star got in touch last week on the heels of the book launch. At the end of our conversation Thursday afternoon she asked if I'd mind being photographed for the story. Mind? I am never, never ever, photo-ready. I am always in between haircuts, always trying to lose 15 pounds, and always sporting down-to-the-quick nails thanks to days spent handling paper and box cartons. So truthfully I do mind having my picture taken, but I said yes because when you are running your own business these are the opportunities that you are equally afraid to accept and to refuse.

So here we were at 4:00 on Friday afternoon. Can you imagine a worse time for a photographer to arrive? The kids usually get home around ten to four, completely shagged out, starving, noses running and normally one of them is nursing a scuffed knee. That I turned it all around in ten minutes and have everyone looking peaceful and pulled together is, truly, my proudest accomplishment right now. I am Mom Inc.

It occurs to me that this confession is not the typical response of someone who is featured in the day's business section. Perhaps I'm meant to say something business-y or boosterish about honeybunch. Don't care. My kids are in the paper. I don't have a double chin. I'm good.