Wednesday, March 23, 2011

music for a snowy day

When you work at home and, as I do, mostly alone, music is an important part of the day. Music covers up the sound of me talking to myself out loud while it also sets the tone for the task at hand. I have playlists for different moods and jobs. Paperwork, my nemesis, requires something optimistic and toe-tapping to keep me from unravelling during my most loathed chore, while beat-the-clock packing sessions need something with a high BPM.

I'm always kind of giddy when I discover a new artist. Last night I was at Jeff Tweedy's acoustic show - my swoony-swoon-swoon dream concert - which was made all the more perfect by an opening act I'd never before heard of, Snowblink. It was just two people occupying a small piece of a big stage lit only by a few lanterns and a dim downlight. It was hypnotic and beautiful - both the music and the set. Perfect music for a snowy day. Filled with tax preparations.

Take a listen.