Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 Day Twitter Challenge: Day One Unfolds

The Twitter Pledge is on: I am giving Twitter 30 days to prove itself or I will dump it forever with a clear conscience.

Signing up for an account was a snap, though I always freeze when it comes to creating an online user name. Everything I come up with sounds lame or earnest or literal. Like honeybunchsays. But I have no time to ponder the consequences right now, so honeybunchsays it is. I can go back and make a change later.

Onward and upward. Now to find some folks to follow. Under the interest tab of "Family" Twitterers I quickly found a dozen people to add. Within an hour my new homepage (called a Timeline in Twitter-speak) was populated with, um, posts:

coolmompicks says "thanks so much @designfiles! We're still getting used to it."
pioneerwoman says "me want cookies."
momfinds says "found the most awesome baby gift - I want one"

So the first one had me confused. This is why I don't like online forums: catching up with a thread of someone else's conversation is frustrating and feels faintly voyeuristic. The second post validates my fear of time suckage. The third one piqued my curiosity, so I bit and followed the link. But it took me to Cool Mom's website and I felt a little defrauded. You mean you found not just an awesome baby gift but "the most awesome baby gift" on your own website? Chuh.

Day One Twitter Report Card:
For ease of use and general site organization I give Twitter a B+. Twitterers? D