Thursday, May 19, 2011

15% off personalized teacher notepads

As announced in today's newsletter, the lovely and always gracious personalized notepads are 15% off for the next week or so. Regularly $23, they are on for $19.50.

You may be interested to know that each notepad is made by hand in my home studio. The personalized artwork is printed out and then each pad is handcut into notepad-sized stacks and given a piece of backing board. The notepads are loaded into a press to keep the paper secure and aligned. Three layers of binding glue are painted on to the spine, with drying time between each coat. The next day, when it's good and dry, I carefully cut the pads apart using an Xacto blade, and then package them into clear cello sleeves before sending them off into the world to become the nicest grocery lists.