Monday, May 23, 2011

interview at true cuddles

Yes it's holiday Monday but there is no rest for the self-employed. Plenty of bare-faced and bleary-eyed blogging but not much actual rest. The weekend has gone by in an altogether pleasant blur of sunburned shoulders (thank you Saturday!) earned while painting some furniture outside (sorry passersby for hogging the sidewalk!) and attempting to build a sun canopy with Mr. Honeybunch. A project which ended, rather predictably, with a crushed toe (mine), hurt ego (his), some salty language (both) and a near shearing off of my nose when the roof beam collapsed millimeters from my face. We did the only sensible thing: retreated to Frank's for pizza and cold Moretti and left the canopy to stew for a day.

I can report a successful conclusion was reached this afternoon, with no further injuries (but for a torn piece of canvas trim that I had to hand-sew while standing on the top rung of the ladder). I am woman. Roar. On that empowered note, I am today's interview subject over at True Cuddles. Read it here. My daughter sprouted thirty new freckles over the weekend so the Pippi Longstocking comparison is especially apropos.

Happy Victoria Day.