Friday, May 27, 2011

DIY party ware

We once hosted a barbeque for 60 people and to avoid using disposable cups and plates I borrowed a hodge-podge of plastic cups and plates from neighbours. I spent much of the party washing cups, labeling cups with masking tape and a Sharpie, and urging guests to remember where they put down their cups so they wouldn't have to use a fresh one. I was a lot of fun that day. I now believe that when people outnumber the cups, it is OK to use disposable/recyclable. These plain white paper coffee cups have been gussied up with a slash of watered-down acrylic paint. Cute, no? And easy enough for the kids to do.

The full tutorial, with photographic step-by-step for the crafty challenged, is at Design Sponge.

Happy weekend.