Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloween stuff

What? Isn't it October yet?

I know I'm not living in the moment at the moment. Trying to wrap up holiday planning/ordering before we hit the beach for our annual family vacation - which could not be more inconveniently timed. But you've got to respect tradition, and we've been holidaying in November long before there was kids' school schedules or Christmas orders to consider. So throwing caution (and homework and sales) to the wind we are off for a couple of weeks at the end of October.

The problem with all this pre-planning is that I am living three weeks ahead of the rest of the world. Last week I caused panic among the soccer parents when I moved Thanksgiving up by a week. And today I discarded a winning roll-up-the-rim thingy because I thought the expiration date - October 2nd - had passed.

Slow down missy.

It's not even October and I am already moving past Halloween. So putting on the reins for a minute, the Halloween shop is open for business. New this year is a cute collection of personalized Halloween cards, including these family cards:

You might think a clear bag isn't so exciting, but there are hundreds of ways to fill and decorate these food-safe bags. You can buy the bags on their own and do your own thing, but we've come up with a cute personalized option:

Canadian Parents is running a giveaway contest featuring my Halloween cards. You'll have to visit their site the week of October 3rd to enter. Will post the link when I get it.

Happy Halloweening!