Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Missing: Blog Header | Reward For Safe Return

I dunno where it went. I logged in and was prompted by Blogger to try the new "dynamic" view. And I did. And I liked. It made this somewhat anemic blog look full and healthy. I LOVE the ability to shuffle the deck, so to speak, with a click. Try Mosaic or Snapshot. Cool, right? But I can't find my header. If I can't sort a technological misstep in three clicks or less I tend to abandon the problem with a sigh. I hope that, like Bo Peep, if I leave it alone it will come home. But I'm not optimistic. The search shall continue... In other news I did a little photo-shoot today:
Some new party packaging is on the way. I love pink parties. As the mother of a freckly tomboy I can say that.With longing.