Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life is better with photoshop

Flagrantly ignoring the apples we bought at the farmer's market Saturday, and also forgetting the dozen Cortlands bought on Friday's grocery run, we found ourselves at Albion Farms late this afternoon, inexplicably picking apples. A lot of them. It's not easy to quash the enthusiasm of city kids who encounter food growing in its natural habitat only during bi-annual trips to the local pick-your-own farm.

With more fruit than could possibly fit into the refrigerator's fresh bin, I piled apples high on a tray and plunked it in the centre of the table, hoping to spur healthful snacking while also offering something nice to look at. And then I took a picture. For no reason other than it's been a good long while since I've appreciated a non-human moment through my camera lens.

Here they are: apples au natural.

But doesn't this look much better? I fiddled around with adjustment layers > levels and added another layer to play with contrast. The higher contrast and intense colours add mood and drama to my humble photo.

This photo was my attempt to create an over-processed '70s look in the hipstamatic-style I've been admiring lately. This had many more steps but still only took about five minutes. The full tutorial is available at Photoshop Elements User.

Happy Sunday.