Monday, January 9, 2012

Glitter Pie

I swear I am my own best customer. I love, make that LOVE, getting a visit from UPS. So happy when I have new stuff to play with. Believe me when I tell you that I agonize over each and every inventory purchase, because not only do I have to pay for it all up front, I also have to warehouse it - here in my commodious 1100 square foot Toronto home. So yeah, it's sort of a big deal when something new comes in. It means I've kind of fallen in love.

My latest infatuation is Glitter Pie Art Studio In A Box. I've been eyeballing it for a while now. I love my arts 'n crafts, I love made in Canada and I love a good buy for under 30 bucks. But I didn't totally get the concept, and then I thought that maybe you wouldn't either. It is, essentially, a box of craft supplies. Groovy and awesome one-of-a-kind craft supplies (feathers, sequins, trims, fabrics, papers, glue...) picked and packed by hand by one Toronto designer/artist, but still a box of craft supplies, right? What ultimately sold me on the fabulousness of Glitter Pie were the crazy good projects demo'd by the company owner, Tiffany Pratt. I honestly can't tell if I'm buying Glitter Pie or if I'm buying Tiffany. I think both. She's so good. And how can you not love a beautiful woman who sports orange hair so convincingly? My kids went berserk for her GoGos Christmas ball decoration idea (Do you too have a carpet full of GoGos? Here's what to do with them!) and I am all over this floral wrist corsage:

Fantastic, right? Tiffany/Glitter Pie has several video tutorials, all of them great, on You Tube in addition to clips from her appearances on the Steven & Chris show. I bet she's their favourite guest. I want to invite her for my next birthday party. If you'd like a box of Glitter Pie for yourself or a crafty little person, you will find it right over here.