Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Sunday

Ask me last week and I'd have told you there was really nothing one could do to prepare for the long-reaching effects of a fenderbender. But after being involved in a minor collision with major inconvenience I have learned a few things. I will never, not ever again, drive my kids to school while wearing pyjama pants. I will carry a phone and a pen with me at all times. And I will not wait until the morning a house guest is due to arrive to vacuum the living room and set up the sofa bed. Because those three hours I thought I had to make banana bread and grab an armful of tulips? They were spent dealing with a squished station wagon, while my visiting sister was stranded at the airport.

But even the worst of times have their strange pleasures. While I probably won't wash down codeine with red wine in the name of hospitality again, it did make for a particularly enjoyable game of Scrabble. Pharmaceuticals, bed rest and making the late night acquaintance of Big Shrimpin' aside, I also had the time to come up with a new Valentine card design:

Oh the nerdy joy of changing an illustration's hair colour! Such fun. Even better was adding a hint of blush to the cheeks and a dash of white to the eyes to enliven the expression. Such fun, I tell you.

Now it might have been the codeine, but I found these message-and-candy pairings charming:

The images are too small to make out the text, so here's what they read:
1) "Be COOL Valentine" with a chocolate mint patty taped on.
2) "Have a BALL this Valentine's Day" with a packet of malt balls affixed.
3) "I'm CRAIS-y about you" with a pack of Craisins. (I guess you could also do this with a cute box of raisins, and change the spelling to cRAIS-y)
4) "You BLOW me away" with some Hubba Bubba.

Cute or codeine? I don't know, but my grade three is CRAIS-y for puns right now so I'm going with cute. If you would like your very own pun-tastic cards to amuse and impress your friends, they are now in the shop. Click for Boy cards or Girl cards.