Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Peel & Place Wall Stickers for Kids' Rooms

Decorating a baby nursery isn't in my future, but it might be in yours. Oopsy Daisy's new Peel & Place Wall Stickers were instant love for me. Could be because we are busy planning some spring renovations chez moi, and my kids are off and running planning re-dos of their bedrooms. We hit The Bunkhouse on Avenue Road over the weekend, checking out some loft and trundle beds in the hopes of maximizing two very petite rooms, but the furniture is just the beginning. It's really all about the theme, don't you know. I'm trying to sell Henry on the Woodsy Arbor pictured above. I am crazy about it. He's humouring me, but I think his heart lies here or here. I suppose we could do an outer space hockey theme. Who's to say there's anything wrong with that?

These wall stickers are no mere vinyl peel-and-stick decals. They are fabric-based, which gives them a nice texture, heft and above all, AMAZING colour. Too bad the company images are on the low res side, because these stickers are quite incredible in person. They are also GRANDE. Like five feet tall grande. So for a hundred bucks you've got your room pretty much covered. Did I mention that each set also comes with a complete alphabet and number set so you can personalize to your liking. And of course they are built to be moved around, so kids can create one scene on Monday and switch it up on Tuesday. Or once the lights are out and parents are watching TV.

All the wall sticker styles are now in the shop, if you'd like to take a closer look.