Friday, February 17, 2012

Wall Art for Baby: Jazz Style

Choosing wall art for a baby nursery is one of the best things about decorating a room for a new arrival. Oopsy Daisy added 170 new pieces to their portfolio recently, including this rather fabulous series of canvas art featuring musical animals. New Zealand-based artist Ellen Giggenbach created the original collages using shapes cut from rare and vintage papers, in the style of mid-century folk art. How delicious in a baby nursery! I think Laura Petrie would approve. They do look like something that would have hung in the Van Dyke family rumpus room, no?

They make me think of jazz album art from the 1940s and 50s. And make me want to spray lacquer my bob and wear skinny black pants with flats. Such a glorious time for design. 

Book illustrations:

(Uber Sax by Joe McLean)

Percussion Puppy is my absolute favourite. I can't resist a dog in a bow tie. 

All new Oopsy Daisy wall art designs are available to order in the shop, daddy-o.