Friday, February 3, 2012

two Valentine ideas

I thought these two ideas were perfectly lovely, and eminently do-able in the course of an hour. I don't know about you, but I just don't have a full afternoon or, heavens, an entire weekend to give over to a craft project. If I did, I would surely make this heart-shaped wreath. But after learning that it involved some 12 hours (twelve!) of cutting and assembling felt circles I decided it was best to admire from afar.

This candle, however, could not be easier. Wrap a Mason jar with a pair of paper doilies, tie with twine - embroidery floss would work nicely too - and tuck a heart-shaped cut out from a book. So much more romantic if it highlights a passage from Wuthering Heights (I have never gotten over Heathcliff) but more likely I will tear a page from a textbook that should have been thrift-shopped long ago. We are hosting a Valentine's potluck and I think six or so of these will be perfect as a centrepiece. Thanks to Creature Comforts for the idea and video tutorial.

Do you love this or do you LOVE this? Another use for that moldering Econ 101 book, and a fine project for little hands to work on. See Rebecca Cooper for the details.

So cute in a kid's room.

From the Idea Room.